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ZD9.9 and 7962APs?

Any hope that 7962 APs will, one day, be compatible with version 9.9?

Esteemed Contributor II
To determine supported AP models, refer to the ZD firwmare release notes, where
supported AP models will be listed. Unfortunately, model 7962/7762/7363 with
64mb RAM have been end of sale and end of lifed, best performing on 9.7 and
earlier ZD firmware.

• R300
• R500
• R600
• R700
• SC8800-S
• SC8800-S-AC
• T300
• T300e
• T301n
• T301s
• ZF7025
• ZF7055
• ZF7321
• ZF7341
• ZF7343
• ZF7352
• ZF7363
• ZF7372
• ZF7372-E
• ZF7441
• ZF7761-CM
• ZF7762
• ZF7762-AC
• ZF7762-S
• ZF7762-S-AC
• ZF7762-T
• ZF7781CM
• ZF7782
• ZF7782-E
• ZF7782-N
• ZF7782-S
• ZF7982

New Contributor
The direct answer to this question is unfortunately "no". End of Life for the 7962 was announced March 1st, 2013. Per the EOL announcement, the 7962 will not be supported on software released after August 31st, 2014.

See this link: https://ruckus-support.s3.amazonaws.c...


So, given that we have 16x AP7962s (as well as 8x7982s) it is therefore pointless to upgrade our ZD any further. Is there any reason to maintain our annual Zone Director registration fees?

New Contributor II
We have 61 7962 units! Are we SOL?

We still have support on these units. What happens if they, uh, break? Will we get 7982 units back?

Maybe Ruckus should have withheld features, but to drop compatibility completely seems ridiculous.

We've invested heavily in Ruckus, and this is a slap in the face.