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ZD3000 and R700 limits at a large public event

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I am planning to supply WiFi for a large public event, about 10000 people present. I estimate that at least half will connect and use the WiFi service, this event will be hosted in a remote area and I only expect small amounts of interference, also the traffic levels will be small ( facebook, simple browsing )

I do have one ZD3000 with 25 Ap license and ten R700 access points, I am not sure about the client limit on the ZD3000 because I noticed that there is a 5000 clients limit but didn't understand where this limit applies. This limitation applies only to authenticated clients or the total number of clients regardless if they are connected to a open network ( no security or captive portal at all ) or using some kind of encryption or authentication ?

At this event I will host two WLAN's: one encrypted with WPA2 ( no user database, only a simple password ) that will host about 100 clients and one open network that will host the public with no encryption or password ( planning to use Vlan pooling in order to break the broadcast domains into smaller chunks ).

Because at this moment I only have 10 x R700 I am planning to get ten more in order to support the clients. I never tested one R700 at full capacity, is this AP capable of the 500 clients stated in the data sheet ? Will the performance degrade very much ?

Thanks !

Yes Eizens, that's exactly what we do, provide Wi-Fi for temporary periods and various events.

We now have 10 x R700 and one ZD3025 and we consider buying 5 more R301S, would mixing both models ( not close to each other ) provide a stable working environment ? Our events and mainly in large open-space buildings. If mixing R700 and R301S is to be consider what would be the best practice in placing them across the venue ? Will we encounter client roaming issues ?

Thanks !!!

Opened a new topic for this ( too much offtopic here )

Should we buy 5 more of the new R710 Wave2 instead of going with the T301?

You have to understand that it's not about which APs you buy it's about channel reuse. That means proper cell sizing.

Forget about what marketing is saying. All they are interested in is getting the quarter into the right numbers so the stock goes up.

It's all about using the right tool for the right job. the R710 will support 2X the users the R700 will however you have to decide where you need to use an omni antenna pattern and where a directional pattern like the -S or -N will work better. typically for stadium venue's up to 12k seats mounting -N ap's above will work well. in larger venue's you can also do an underseat approach with omni's. meeting rooms and exhibition area's are typically omnis due to the fact that you can't get the AP's far enough away from the clients to use the narrow pattern of a -N or -S. in those area's try to mount the aps low so people attenuate signal, or use obstructions like beams to block signal so you can add more AP's to handle the desired density.