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Captive Portal Problem with login, AD

New Contributor III

I setup Captive Portal in my ZD1100, with 2x 7321s, but as soon as i login, it kicks me out.

I created a 2nd SSID only for this, while my first SSID does not need this feature.
Set my AD settings, and enabled the features in my 2nd SSID. I then use my test iphone5, i join my SSID password, then login page pops up straight away, i enter a AD user name, OK, But then the phone goes back to 3G!
I cant understand why?

New Contributor III
So, more info:

The problem is only desktops and laptops can get internet access. Smart phones and tablets get blocked 100%
This i believe is a issue with smart phones not being joined to the domain. I thought captive portal/web auth would be a solution. The firewall always blocks everything except what it gets from Active Directory 2008 servers.

Once a smartphone joins the wireless network with correct key, a login pops up from the ZD1100, login using a Active Directory user, and i can now get a success, But still the internet is blocked by the firewall? I don't get it!

Anybody got any solutions?

New Contributor III
Answering my own question & just in case someone else has difficulty with this problem.
The fist problem was i didn't read the instructions of captive portal so it was setup wrong. I managed to get about 50% wrong. So, since i read the setup, i can get this part to work correctly, But i still have a login problem with smartphones. The real problem is our firewall uses a SSO service, and that is blocking the smartphones from the internet. From what i have been reading, to get this to work right, you need AP's + 802.1X + Radius + Active Directory + Firewall + SSO lined up in a row.