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ZD1200 doesn't show 40Mhz Channels as options

New Contributor III
I want to use 40Mhz on the 5Ghz band, however in the set up on the 20Mhz channels are listed as an option.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f2135b77e2478f5d7a_3bebfec374e9f81358d6b33ff645a57f_RackMultipart20181029463221exc-914a683e-e656-41b7-a666-1d2ae3157742-1798341865.png1540855375
Is there a way to include the 40Mhz channels? 

New Contributor III
You may check AP's Channelization of Radio under General Tab. 
By default, AP Channelization setting is auto. That means AP will select the best band width(40 or 80 MHz) to work on 5GHz band automatically. 

For example:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c435135b77e2479b91bf_8934df7f61eb2c965b7326455f67b91f_RackMultipart20181030120777yfp-cae2cd39-68a9-47da-9e43-b7255e2eac1c-2087524543.jpg1540864226
Image_ images_messages_5f91c435135b77e2479b91bf_6229cc65624b6a252d6fed492200960f_RackMultipart20181030728211u4d-cd9f4153-24f5-4887-b1bb-83e44c1e6f3c-818340959.jpg1540863938

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the reply. I understand that side of things, what I'm wanting to know is, is it possible to add the 40Mhz channels to the selection area or are only the 20Mhz channels available. Or if you have 40Mhz selected do you then select specific 20Mhz channels?

New Contributor III
Hi Nathan,
20MHz Channels are enough to meet all band width requirement.
In fact, the 40Mhz channel is bonded via 20+20MHz channels.
Please check the below table and bonding regulations. For example, if you select Channel 48, Channel 44 and 48 will be bonded together for 40MHz channel 46. And you may select the range of 20MHz channels for the 40MHz channel plan according to the rules. Ex:  Range 36,40,44,48, it will be 40MHz channel 38,46.  

With the same rule, you may understand how to apply 80MHz, 160MHz channels setting for 802.11ac wave 1 and wave 2 AP from 20MHz channels according to the below table. 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c435135b77e2479ba4fa_ea220ca098bc974b0bf4063235fad346_RackMultipart20181031101691isi-1006fcad-2f2d-4dc6-b70f-d29b8a923871-1955247127.png1540954007

Hi Ken, 

Thanks heaps, thats what I was after 🙂