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Wireless Mesh for 4 AP

New Contributor
I would like to setup a wireless mesh for 4 AP's. 1 root and 3 Mesh AP. Is this possible?


Valued Contributor
Hi Jun,

Yes this is certainly possible with Ruckus products!

You will need to ensure the APs support SmartMesh (most models of AP do but some do not).

Then you will need to decide on your method of controlling the APs as stand-alone Ruckus AP firmware does not support SmartMesh (Unleashed, Cloud, ZoneDirector and SmartZone all support Mesh).

Finally, you will need to ensure the APs have good strength and quality of signal with each other or the Mesh performance will be poor or not connect at all.

Here's some further reading on SmartMesh:

I hope that helps,

Esteemed Contributor II
Tip of the hat Darrel, well put. 

And my $.02 Jun,

Best practice with intended Mesh design, is also to bring up all your APs on the wire originally for configuration (priming),
before deploying them with just power in their intended locations.

Unleashed platform would be lowest cost option.