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Wi-Fi connection randomly disconnects on 2013 MacBook Pro.

New Contributor II

We've been using Ruckus 7341 and 7363. My question is : Wi-Fi connection randomly disconnects on 2013 MacBook Pro. All up-to-date is installed on Mountain Lion 10.8.5. What might be the problem? is there any incompatibility between MacBook pro and AP?


How can I purchase support? when purchasing these APs does not internal support pack? if not do I have to purchase support?

If you contact the reseller who originally sold you the equipment they should be able to set you up with a support contract. We do not sell them directly.

There are no known incompatibility issues with the MacBook Pro (any model..and I'm writing from one...). If a single client is having issues with wifi the most likely cause of the issue is that client. If you are seeing it with several machines then I'd be looking more at environmental issues like interference or possible configuration defaults that might have been changed.

Not to contradict you but there seems to be some feeling that a vanilla-config controller has roaming / disconnect issues w/ some apple (and macbook) products.

Unfortunately, that thread is inconclusive (and many different symptoms mixed in) and we still have no "known" issues (doesn't mean there aren't any, just means we haven't ID'd root-cause). So...everyone having these Apple MacBook Disconnect (Only) issues please open a support case so we can dive deeper.