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What does "target fail detect" mean?

New Contributor III
We are seeing intermittent reboots of APs with this message showing in ZD as the restart reason. What is the cause of this?

New Contributor III
Anybody. I saw the same error. Our R500 is under ZD1200.

Hello Janx,

There is an issue resolved on ZD 10.1.1 Refresh 3 Release notes: 

Resolved a target fail detected issue on APs. [ER-6665] 

Although the best way would be opening a case with Ruckus support to analyze the logs and as per the findings provide a fix. 

You can open a case via WEB through below link :

or call Support

Best Regards


But what about build 75 ? I'm using this one. Also regarding this "target fail detected" our reseller opened case 00916556 but no one has contacted me.

Hello Janx,

The case has been opened with contact name as Hannes Mulla and preferred contact method as email so the case engineer has been following up on the case through email to Till now there has been no response to the engineer and hence case is in "customer pending". Please call support ( and mention the case number 00916556 or if the case has been opened with your account you can access the case and update through or please confirm that you would require a call back on +372 650 9381 and need email to be added as

The engineer would require support log of the AP's that are rebooting along with the controller debug log.

Best Regards