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Warehouse wifi

New Contributor II
i have warehouse 3000 squre meters and 14 meters high.
My idea was to go with zone director zd1200 and nine AP r310.
Any ides for better solution?

And you pretend to put them all on that high? It's seems a lot of omni Ap's in the same place, it will cause lot's of interference especially in 2.4Ghz 

New Contributor III
Warehouses are a great application for Ruckus products. We have implemented many deployments around the world with excellent results. 
But I will caution every warehouse is different and the needs of the client can differ greatly from project to project. We typically approach the design with the client needs first and work from there. 
What kinds of devices are we providing connectivity for? Where is coverage required? Is latency a concern? Are there client upgrades in the future we should consider in the design? Many variables must be considered. From here, we would advise a site survey. You should validate the system requirements and test actual equipment in the space. 
Depending on your environment, you may find an outdoor AP with a controlled antenna pattern would work better to control the coverage and maximize performance. Something like the T301N or T301S would be two examples to consider. 
Plan, measure, analyze, deploy, validate. Good luck!

New Contributor III
For warehouse i suggest you to use T300 series, because this type is powerfull for warehouse deployment

New Contributor II
Hi guys, in this warehous i have a lot of metal racks and the product on the racks are consumer electronics.