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Unable to add access point to zonedirector (zf7352 to zd1100)

New Contributor II
I'm really struggling with adding a new Z7352  to our wireless network (z1100 build 9).  The zonedirector just does not see it (or provision it).

I've hard reset the access point, I've updated the firmware to (which our zd1100 specifically says it supports on this AP).  I've given it a static IP on our range, I've plugged it directly into the zone director, I've checked we still have licences available but the problem still persists.

Any ideas very welcome.

New Contributor II
'set director ip' did the trick.  Thanks very much all

Esteemed Contributor II
Well... since you have DHCP to provide IP to your access points, what kind of DHCP server is it?

We have knowledge base articles describing how to configure Option 43 with your ZD's IP address
to help provision your new APs, if you are looking to add more.

If you're logged into our Support site, here is a search of 'dhcp option 43' under Knowledge.

Valued Contributor II
If you have APs and ZD in the same subnet, you normally don't need to bother with DHCP option 43 -- discovey works without any additional efforts. When you really need DHCP option 43 is any big network with APs in different VLANs. Than you really want to add option 43 to every scope which can supply IPs to APs, which is often easier than to configure DNS entry with director name.