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Adding AP to AD in different subnet

New Contributor III

I have a new (3rd) Ruckus AP i want to add to my network, but i am having a hard time doing so.
My network is:
Bridge LAN

The ZD1100 + 2x indoor APs are working find in I want to add the 3rd into the Network. Bridge is a Ruckus Outdoor APs, 2 only. Each LAN 1 & 2 have firewalls to connect to each other over the bridge and internet.

So, the first thing i did was connect the 3rd AP to the LAN2 and the ZD changed the firmware and auto joined it, cool. Then i removed it and connected it to the LAN1, but this is where the trouble starts. The ZD said it lost the heart beat of something, so i deleted the AP Entry from the ZD + reset the AP hoping it would auto join, but no. Another reboot, now the AP's "DIR" light keeps flashing, and the ZD says: This Access Point is not approved/joined yet. Please connect it to proceed configuration. But it has Auto approve ticked.

So, i am stuck.

Anybody has any ideas?

Valued Contributor II


Easiest way is to make port forwarding for ZD in it's firewall (look ports in the ZD manual) . Than SSH to AP, and "set director ip"  to ZD site firewall external IP (which has port forwarding to ZD. This works very good, if Internet link is OK.

Hello Scott,

I think the 3rd AP and the ZD are going to talk through NAT devices so you will need to ensure that there are certain ports open and also need to issue set director command from AP CLI to the Public Ip address of the ZD site.

Please check the following KB article which explains the above process in details: