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Tunnelling selective dynamic VLANs to ZDs in a single WLAN

New Contributor
Anyone know if it's possible to tunnel some VLANs back to the ZD and bridge other VLAN's traffic to the local switching within a single 802.1X WLAN (via a RADIUS attribute maybe)? Or is the only option to turn tunnelling on or off per WLAN? As far as I can see tunnelling is either on or off for a WLAN and can't be decided per VLAN.

Esteemed Contributor II
The WLAN tunneling option is all or not at all, cannot be selectively tunneled or local switched.

New Contributor
someone knows if there are other brands that do this, that have this feature?

Contributor III
AFAIK, cisco tunnels all traffic back to their controller.

There's an HREAP feature (which has since been renamed to something else) That causes an AP to *not* tunnel *any* traffic.

Warning: HREAP also disables most features of the controller.
(I.E. dynamic VLAN assignment, etc. goes out the window)

I did not dig too deeply on this w/ Meru gear.
The reseller I dealt with was unable to answer such questions despite being a highly rated reseller and describing another customer situation where that capability would have been advantageous.