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Please recommend a wireless ap (50 people at the same time use)

New Contributor II
Now that works well as a wired lan server.

However, using a wireless ap

About 50 people at the same time the user is 2.5Mbit /s
used for watching movies at try (image will be somewhat buffered.)

The actual max speed 100Mbit/ s will must become.

2.4Ghz wifi installed.

About the size of a bus outside the radio range of the 15m.

Two lan ports on the server can also be used in two.

Which product is right for you might ask.

(1) wifi ap if you only use one?

(2) wifi ap if you use two?


Valued Contributor
I take this to mean you have an area shaped like a bus (say 15m x3m) with 50 clients all watching a streamed video at the same time.
You are hoping for 50 x 2.5mbs throughput with some buffering.
You have this in place already but as a wired solution and want to go wireless.

You are asking which is better
one high spec AP better (ie 7372)
two lower spec AP (ie 2x 7363).

Just confirming!

New Contributor II
Thank you.


We only use the 2.4ghz only.


May I use

1)one high spec AP--> 7352

2) two lower spec AP--> 7341 ?

Valued Contributor
This is the point at which you need someone with these particular APs to tell you how they perform in the real world at these loads. Spec sheets and quoted theoretical numbers are all very well but not the whole story.

Also (dumb question) your wired network gigabit as you'll need that for the APs to connect to or else their wireless throughput will be constrained.

New Contributor II
7372 to purchase and test it.

only the 2.4G wireless enable (psk -aes) it to default settings.

-Until 10set(android tab) it works just fine.

-When using more than 15sets
Sometimes the video is stopped.(1.8Mbps). .

How do I change that setting?

Looks like a good 7372 spec ... What should I do?