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The ZD 1200 controls ZF R700 not connected ZF T301 s.

New Contributor II
O ZD 1200 controla ZF R700 e conectou ZF T301 s à rede, o ZD 1200 localiza, mas não configura automaticamente. O que devo fazer?

New Contributor II
Would you help me to download this firmware?

Esteemed Contributor II
T301s is supported by 9.13.1 (GA) and later ZD firmware.  Upgrades were free for 90 days from date of purchase,
but a support contract is required for further downloads and KBA access.  If you do not have support to download
the latest firmware, which was only a suggestion, please troubleshoot your AP connection problem from the ZD
debugs/syslogs and be sure you have opened the FW ports described in the user guide.  Have you tried rebooting
the T301s or a factory default on them?  Are you sure they get IP from your DHCP server (do you see their MACs
in the DHCP server assigned table)?  Can you ping them?  Do they appear under ZD's Monitor AP page at all (pending
approval or not appearing at all)?  This would indicate that they are able to exchange LWAPP.