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SmartZone to ZoneFlex

New Contributor II
I am new to Ruckus equipment and setting this up for my new house.

Running a ZoneDirector ZD1100 with the following firmware:

I've got three Ruckus 7982's that I just realized were previously used with a SmartZone controller. All three APs are using the SmartZone firmware.

My main question is:
How do I convert / downgrade / switch over from SZ to ZD firmware?

I have attempted FTP, but cannot confirm if it doesn't like the fw version, the control file, or if it's something else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have yet to find an answer when searching.

New Contributor
Hello Justin,

You could do a factory reset on the AP, the hard reset button your device, use a paper clip, not something sharp or SSH into it and use "set factory" then reboot on the reboot prompt.

New Contributor II

I've Factory Reset them a few times and no luck.

I've used the hardware reset button on the devices as well as the factory reset option in the web UI.

New Contributor III
It can be possible that you need to download the standallone SW version for the APs and reflash die APs with this firmware in order to be able to connect to a ZoneDirector

New Contributor II

I have attempted to update the firmware from the web UI, but receive the following error:
"Upgrade / downgrade from fsi to UI is not allowed"

I have also tried the FTP method.
Placed the control file and the firmware image in my FTP directory, then tried via PuTty as well as the web UI, but no luck.
The control file is very basic and easy to create.