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SmartZone 100 leader - failback

New Contributor
Dear support,

I have two SmartZone 100 controllers and they are working together in  a cluster (one as a leader the other one as a follower). When I restart the leader I thought that when it comes back online that it is going to be  leader again, not follower. So do you have any advice how to set up SmartZone 100 failback? The idea is if SmartZone 100 leader is restarted to be a leader again when it comes back online. 

New Contributor III
You have to restart the flower so the primary back again as leader

RUCKUS Team Member
There is nothing special about the "leader" node beyond being a single point of time synchronization for the cluster and AP's and also an arbiter of data base conflicts.  In SZ Cluster all nodes are active and peers.  Any node can be leader at any time.  From an operational point of view there is no reason to make one node always the leader so no mechanism exists to failback.  If you insist on having one particular node be leader you can reboot the follower - but this is a drastic and potentially problematic solution that will affect end user operation as AP's move from one node to another.  Best is to not worry about which node is the leader.