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Setting AP to have management vlan 10

New Contributor
I'm planning to set management vlan 10 on ZD1200, and R600. Currently both devices has vlan 1 as their management Vlan.
First I connect R600 to my laptop using UTP cable and POE adaptor. Then I set ip address of my laptop to
It was possible to change IP address and device name.  I changed the Ethernet port to trunk from access mode.
But whenever I set management vlan 10 on R600, the connection between my computer and R600 lost.
How can I change the management vlan of R600 and check it works fine?

Contributor III
When you set the AP management to VLAN 10 this becomes a 'tagged' VLAN. If you wish to connect to the AP via the ehternet port on the AP it musty be set to fixed VLAN 10 unless your your computer NIC has the ability to tag packets