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Ruckus r610- How to set trusted or permitted ip address to access the management unleashed portal

New Contributor
Hi Support, can we configure the trusted or only permitted ip address to access the management portal for unleashed access point. 

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Hakim,

That feature is only configurable via the Unleashed CLI and not via GUI

Please refer to this document:

On page 229:

Management Access Control List Commands

Use the following commands to create or configure management ACLs and enter the config-sys-mgmt-acl or configsys-mgmt-acl-ipv6 contexts. These commands must be used from the config-sys context.

mgmt-acl To create or configure a management ACL, use the following command: mgmt-acl WORD


ruckus(config-sys)# mgmt-acl macl1
The management ACL 'macl1' has been created. To save the Management ACL, type 'end' or 'exit'. ruckus(config-mgmt-acl)#

I hope this answers your question,

Thanks for selecting Ruckus Networks - a Commscope company.

New Contributor
Hi Albert, thanks for your help.