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R700 POE question

Hi all,

I have a Ruckus Zoneflex R700 that will not power on when connected to several POE switches. The unit will power on when I connect it to a Ruckus POE injector. (Model 740-64214-001, 48V 0.5A) or use a normal DC adapter. If I connect a Ruckus Zoneflex R710 to those same switchports the R710 will power on. This is really strange as the R710 requires more power then the R700. (R710 requires 12V, 2A thus 24 watts vs the R700 requires 12V 1.5A thus 18 watts).
The switches are not maxed out regarding power consumption. I have had other R700 AP's connected to the same switch which did not have any problem powering on via POE. Is the AP still reliable? (Works fine using the POE injector).


Contributor III
The 7982 had a similar problem that affected a few lots but I have not heard any reports concerning the R700 or any other model.  The 7982 problem was due to a defective Microsemi POE chip.  If you can do without the AP for a couple of weeks, you can send it in for replacement under the limited lifetime warranty (which expires on 2/1/2023). 

Thanks for the information. Perhaps Michael Brado can comment if my unit is eligible for replacement?