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WPA3 on existing APs

New Contributor
is there a plan to add support for WPA3 to existing APs with future firmware update? I'm specifically interested in Unleashed R500/R510. Thanks.


New Contributor II
I have the same question, but I'd like to broaden it: Can we expect WPA3 support across the whole portfolio of currently supported APs and controller solutions?

New Contributor II
I have been told, 
that Support will come with a future ZoneDirector Version 10.3.x (!), 
which would be the last Software Update for the End of Sale set ZD
however so far the Representative was not able to tell me which WAPs would make the cut.

I would suggest that Rx10/Rx20/Rx30 could be supported - not so sure about the Rx00 Model Line!
While the similar Setup could happen to Hx10 + Tx10 being supported & perhaps Hx00 + Tx00 NOT.

Contributor III
Agree with Max, i think its likely that only Wave2 AP's will get support for WPA but havent seen anything concrete yet

Ruckus has already certified all Wave 2 access points (R510+) for WPA3:,Ruckus