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Current band-steering recommendations

It's not clear from searching here what the current method is to enable band-steering, or if that feature still exists.

I've seen two options, one here that suggests some CLI commands (last post in thread):

And the other is to enable "band balancing" and then set the 2.4GHz percentage to "0".

The first option seems odd - if this is a known working feature, why is it not in the UI of the ZD? Also people claim the setting goes away on reboot.

The second option I've seen used on Unleashed and as best I can tell it did nothing.

What's the current best practice?

Valued Contributor II
What kind of clients do you have? With modern iOS and Android devices I simply don't recommend doing too much band steering. They all understand to try 5GHz when possible. They will use 2.4GHz in situations where they think they need to like if you are rapidly moving or they are using LTE bands that interfere with your chosen 5GHz channels, etc.

Unless you have older problematic devices, in my opinion attempting to have the AP aggressively balance or steer can cause more trouble than it's worth.

It does help to keep 802.11k neighbor lists enabled though.