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Ruckus Unleashed R510's constant heartbeat loss

New Contributor III
I moved into a new construction home about 6 months ago (amazon smart home) that came with three Ruckus AP's. I am experiencing heartbeat loss about every hour. It becomes difficult to work. I have been on the phone with ruckus customer support for months trying to figure out the heartbeat loss issue and i have gotten no where. We replaced the switch and that has not helped. We have updated the firmware. We have ran tests for over 24 hours. Have gotten no where and I still have constant heartbeat loss issue.

Can anyone help how we can have a steady wireless connection without our wifi disconnecting every hour? This issue is driving me insane.

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That didn't seem to work. i have android. can you guide me how to choose an ip address?

I don’t know what DHCP range your router is giving out. I would guess not less than 100, can you try It is difficult to troubleshoot further for me online, I would recommend doing a hard reset of your switch by pressing the reset button with a paper clip for 10 seconds and see if the Unleashed controller joins the switch. I will wait for anyone else on the ruckus forums to chime in 

I see. I tried that. that did not work also. i will try a reset right now and get back to you.

How do i factory reset? just press the reset button once or do i hold and release it for a certain amount of time? appreciate the help

Hi again. Can you give me some guidance on what wires to replace from this picture?
Thanks for your help.Image_ images_messages_5f91c486135b77e247ad0200_301d2771ca0bcb7fecc5ffc948ff841e_RackMultipart20200322752578v75-9ce30976-f9b3-4cde-b047-9dcaa9488a35-1588180263.jpg1584888115Image_ images_messages_5f91c486135b77e247ad0200_e904602902d2cea5f9b6baab5a4fbdcd_RackMultipart20200322232993d07-caac3343-eb31-4bac-9289-b0df6c2399e4-568437759.jpg1584888181