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Ruckus T710

New Contributor

Hello all,

so I have the Ruckus T710 with me and for the life of me I can get it to ping the default IP. I’m a little bit of a newb in this sector but my current setup is I have the ruckus plugged into a 48V POE adaptor that’s linked directly the computer. When it powers on, it gives me the “Configure me” WiFi but it has a password on it (which I found out was the serial number) but connecting to it doesn’t help and won’t bring up the unleashed webpage. 
That’s when I decided to look into what the different blinking lights meant on the ruckus. My “PWR” and “CTL” lights both are green but blinking at a slow steady pace which I saw online that with the PWR light it means it can’t find a routable IP address which I’m not 100% sure why it can’t find that. And the blinking CTL light meant that it can’t connect to the unleashed network which I assume is a direct result of not being able to find a routable IP. So if there’s any info someone can give to help me get this AP fired up I would greatly appreciate it.