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Ruckus T310c Mounting Recommendation

New Contributor III


I would like to know what is the best way to mount the Ruckus T310c to provide a good omni directional radiation.

There is any information regarding this subject? I can see in the installation guide it is possible to mount the device in horizontal and vertical way.

If it is mounted in a vertical way (in a pole) it will have the same omnidirectional radiation if it was installed in horizontal position?


David Henriques 


In "Good Reach" represents how many meters?

Unfortunately that's impossible to answer!

Too much depends on the client, the frequency, the environment, interference and many other factors.

You can use a planning software such as Ekahau or use an AP-on-a-stick and test in the real-world.


Thanks for this information I will check those tools perform some testing :).

New Contributor III

Hello Darrel,

Many thanks for your quick reply and support, these images cleared my doubts 🙂 

Just makes sense to comment:

limited reach is really limited -- you can't expect normal signal from the back side of AP.

Mounting AP vertically you don't get 360 degree omni-directional diagram, but 180 degree diagram.  It is mainly applicable for long venues or other specific conditions.

Horizontal mounting provides excellent coverage for biggest area, because you get good coverage under AP (where distance is smaller) and also on the edge (where Beamflex improves signal level most).