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Ruckus T310c Mounting Recommendation

New Contributor III


I would like to know what is the best way to mount the Ruckus T310c to provide a good omni directional radiation.

There is any information regarding this subject? I can see in the installation guide it is possible to mount the device in horizontal and vertical way.

If it is mounted in a vertical way (in a pole) it will have the same omnidirectional radiation if it was installed in horizontal position?


David Henriques 


Valued Contributor

Hi David,

Due to BeamFlex+ having vertical and horizontal polarised elements, Ruckus omni-directional APs are more capable in vertical deployments, than other vendor's APs.

However it is intended for the T310c to be mounted horizontally (with the dome facing down) for maximum signal coverage.

There were some good visualisations in the ZF7762 user guide - I'll try to dig them out for you and post here.

Hope that helps,

Valued Contributor

I've found the document here:

Please see screenshot images for reference, I hope they help!


Image_ images_messages_6023d705d396ba4ad4983df9_6ff7247e537ee931cc556a23ecab7a3d_Screenshot20210210at12.49.50-8af08c3f-6e49-43bb-9efb-3fd18351e98f-12757335.png
Image_ images_messages_6023d705d396ba4ad4983df9_32aad8de184bba7d1ee0a4291d06a929_Screenshot20210210at12.49.56-8e5f5d49-1fac-497c-b93e-5a3e089a95cf-7216209.png

One more thing about this. So if the AP is installed in a vertical position the typical circular range of 90 meters it is affected?

Yes.  If you look at the images above and see the horizontal installation is giving approx. 90m range 'Excellent Reach', when you turn it through 90 degrees and install in a vertical orientation, you can see the range is much lower 'Good Reach'.