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Ruckus R760 unleashed

New Contributor

Hello all,

is it possible to manage the Ruckus R760 without a controller?
The R750 for example still support unleashed. Why the R760 no longer?

Do I have to buy a controller or book cloud licenses for them? Or is there a free variant?

Thank you very much and best regards,


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Bruno. I complained a while ago that solo images were being released as Premium-only downloads, and got a reply that this was a temporary mistake.

But all new APs are being released with no way of downloading solo images without a premium account.

Can you fix the R560, R760, H350, H550, T350 and R350 solo firmware permissions so that all users can download them?

Can you please try to download again?

Now it should be available to all users.