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Ruckus R760 superior to R770 in some ways?

New Contributor

Can someone shed some light on the "new" 2x2:2 direction Ruckus is going with the R770?  Even though the 5GHz on the R770 is still 4x4:4, the 5GHz HE80 MCS11 sensitivity is worse than R760, R750, and R650 which all also have 4x4:4 in 5GHz.

Is 4K QAM and 10GBASE-T just too resource intensive / power hungry to ship an AP with 4x4:4 in all 3 band like the R760?

What was the limiting factor here preventing 4x4:4 in all 3 bands, thermal/power?  Target price point?  Standards got a little ahead of the chips?

Will an additional model such as R870 become the 4x4:4 product as we know it, positioning the R770 as more of a mid-higher tier?

I would really appreciate any commentary on this

What AP is Ruckus selling the most of / recommending to customers right now in 2024, are they happily shipping boat loads of R750 and R760 whereas the R770 is just to satisfy a very small number of customers that need a WiFi 7 sticker?