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How to convert Ruckus AP to unleashed firmware

New Contributor

Hi, I am encountering a problem when using RUCKUS one. When I tried to add a R510 AP onto RUCKUS one, it could be successful to add, however the status showed "Never contacted cloud". I found that it is needed for the AP to upgrade to unleashed firmware in order for it to contact cloud. The R510 currently have a firmware version And I could not find any path for me to upgrade from 9.x.x.x to 200.x.x.x. May I know if there are any path for me to upgrade? Is it needed to upgrade to 110.x.x.x standalone version first and then to 200.x.x.x version? Thanks.


Contributor II

You can't upgrade your unsigned 9.13 firmware directly to fully signed (FSI) Unleashed firmware.

You'll need to upgrade first to an intermediate signed (ISI) firmware, e.g. Solo 104 or 106. Then you can install the latest Unleashed firmware.