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AP Channel Configuration Issue

New Contributor

Dear Ruckus Forum Community,

I've configured the AP to avoid using Channel 36 on the 5GHz band while maintaining the channel selection mode set to "Auto".


Despite these settings, the AP seems to persistently utilize Channel 36. 



Could someone please offer insight into why the AP continues to utilize Channel 36 despite the configured settings? 

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Iawero,

Did you make this configuration at the Zone, AP Group, or AP level on SmartZone?
Could you access the AP through CLI and provide the output of this command?
get channelavailability wifi1

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New Contributor

I first tried with a single AP, and then I configured all the APs. For a few days, it seemed not to work, but then at some point, all the APs started avoiding channel 36.