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Ruckus R720 not working after reset

New Contributor

Hello everyone,

at the office we have several Ruckus R720 devices, I took 2 of them and did a hard reset and since then they are unusable.

They show the Configure.Me SSID, but protected by a password (it is the serial number of each device)

I can connect to the Configure.Me SSID but I cant access the access point (Web or SSH). Not even when I assign myself an IP. I cant even ping the IP.

Is there a solution to this or will I have to connect to the serial console in the AP to reconfigure it (I would prefer not to)

So far Ruckus support was useless to me, they say I need to register our company with a support plan so we can get technical support on this issue, and keep sending me to contact their sales department.

I find this unacceptable.

So, is there a solution?




Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi @albercuba,

Please confirm if you are a Lennar home owner.

For your query, could you check if AP's power LED is stable green or flashing green.

Flashing Green = AP did not get an IP from the network

Stable Green = AP got an IP from the network

 If AP is broadcasting, I think it has a valid IP from the network, all you have to do is find the IP addresses by running a IP scan using a laptop/mobile while connected to the same network, or check your DHCP server lease table.

When you are connected to, try to access and see if that works.

Also refer our How-to-Hub video related to this topic at 

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Thank you very much. Better explained than  in all of the Emails I exchanged with support.
So far I was doing this whole process disconnected from a real network, on an isolated PoE switch with no Internet or local network access and always looking for the IP address.
I just added a DNS server to that switch, and was able to find a DHCP lease for the AP.
Now I am just reconfiguring everything and no need to contact the sales department.

Thanks a lot

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