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Ruckus R710 with unleashed but showing no AP

New Contributor II

I have recently purchased an R710 on Ebay ( I have about 4 of these now and 2 T710's) I've had no issues in the past configuring my AP's but this one seems to be causing me quite a bit of trouble.

I had to connect via ethernet and SSH into the R710 to be able to upgrade the firmware to unleashed.  Now that it h as been updated there are no radios active as there isn't an AP assigned to the unleashed network.

As up see the unleashed config wasn't able to setup an AP and activate the radios.

Also, the broad casting SSID is still and when connected to the configure ssid it does not assign an IP address so there is no way to actually configure through it.  Which is why I had so much trouble getting into this AP at first.

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If you're looking to run an unleashed environment with 802.11ac wave 2 AP(s), upgrade from non-unleashed firmware to unleased 200.10.x or 200.11.x firmware as a prereq prior to 200.12.x.

Reset the AP, then look for the assigned DHCP IP address on your router for the AP.

*If you plan to mix wave 1 and wave 2, then you'd want to target 

  • Ignore connecting to SSID
  • Access the GUI via the DHCP IP assigned to the AP
  • Login with default username/password (super/sp-admin). If you can't login, clear your cache or try another browser
  • Upgrade the firmware to the 200.10 or 200.11. 
  • Setup new username/password after reboot.
  • Once getting the APs running unleased 200.10 or 200.11, you'll be able to upgrade to 200.12 using the upgrade setting in the GUI
  • Other note, under each AP property, head over to the 'Other' tab and make sure to set the PoE Operating Mode to 802.3at PoE in order to get LAN2 working and at full 1GbE

New Contributor

Figured it out. One of the APs had a different country code than the rest.

Once they were all on the same country code everything worked just like it should.