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Monitoring AP's with Nagios/Icinga

So, since we installed the Ruckus setup I've been looking and thinking about ways I can monitor the AP's, mostly I'm concerned about overloading the AP's since we have some pretty dense sites.

I already have Icinga setup and running so spent some time pulling down the MIB's for the ZoneDirector and have come up with the following which is probably helpful to some people so I thought I'd post it.

First, you're going to need from here

There are instructions at the top of the check_snmp_table file on how to configure it and get it setup, now you're going to need the OID's. They are: for -N (this matches against the AP's description)

and any of the following for the -D option, I'll list what they compare against is active clients on the AP is CPU utilization per AP is memory used per AP

Memory used is actual memory used so you need to set your warnings and limits accordingly, out R600's have 255020 as they total memory so reported numbers will be less than that. Our ZF7372's have 126036 total.

There are other useful options in this table that could also be monitored like LAN bandwidth which might be useful for really busy AP's, although I'm still skeptical you could ever flood a GB connection.

Anyway, it's working without issue here and I finally have automatic monitoring of my AP's for basic health so I'm happy. 

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Please be aware that SNMP, like Real Time Monitoring, can contribute to AP resource depletion (especially in heavy use/dense envirionments).
Hopefully you aren't stretching the 7372 memory too much.

I'm assuming we aren't stretching it at all as we're querying this info from the ZoneDirector and not actually from the AP's themselves, and I've been assuming this info is collected fby the ZD if you're querying it from SNMP or not. Certainly the ZD doesn't go out and pull this info from the AP's whenever I ask for it.

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I am unable to access the file, it is saying forbidden and dont have access. Please let me know how to access this plugin file