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Ruckus R650 WiFi Speed Suddenly Slows Until Reboot

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I recently purchased a Ruckus R650 (purchased through authorized dealer) running Unleashed Firmware v. with a very simple single access point configuration.

Everything initially looks good (350+ mbps speed). However, the network will randomly and non-deterministically suddenly slow to below 1mbps. The rest of the network (hardwired LAN computers) is functionally completely normally with full speeds.

The AP will stay in this bad, slow state until I manually reboot it. Then, the AP is instantly back to normal (350+ mbps) speeds until it randomly gets back into the bad state in 1-3 days.

Initially, I thought there must be a hardware issue so I purchased another R650 for testing, but the new device is exhibiting the exact same behavior.

Any ideas? I suppose I can return the devices, but I had heard great things about Ruckus (unfortunately, my experience has been pretty bad thus far...).


After a running time of 43 days, upload is slow down again today. I tested with iperf3 and it dropped to 150mbps. The problem occurred only with tcp upload. tcp download, udp download and udp upload are fine.
After a reboot it's back to 550mbps.

R650 Unleashsed

Hello Jungyu_park, thanks for sharing it.

We have a new unleashed version -

You might want to try this version. 

Thanks for letting me know that information.
There doesn't seem to be a fix for this in the release note, but I'll give it a shot.

The firmware also had this issue and I eventually stopped using ARC.

The current uptime is 32 days and there are no symptoms of slowdown yet. The feature will obviously add one layer in the middle to classify the packets, and I think this is where the problem occurs while processing the packets.

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Hi Support 

We have R650 5 APs. We have the Current firmware version We are facing suddenly slow internet browsing and video call drops on Wi-Fi. But at the same time on LAN, all browsing and video calls are smooth. We have facing this last 15 days.