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Ruckus R510 provide only specific wlan in a specific ap

New Contributor II
Good day,

we already use Ruckus R510 to provide guest network and corporate network in our conference rooms.
We dont have any controller we just use 3 Ruckus APs for that.

Now i want to install more APs in our storage area but they should only provide a different wlan (for example SSID "Storage") and the existing corporate WLAN for example.
But i didnt find any option to configure which ap provides which ssid.

Is that possible? If not, is it possible with zonedirector?

New Contributor III
I'm a little confused here..  if your APs are standalone, you should be able to log into them separately and configure whatever SSID you need.  

Your statement "which AP provides which SSID" almost sounds like you are trying to do it from a controller, in which case you can also do it there by setting up the appropriate WLAN groups and binding them to either individual APs or AP groups you create.

Hi Karl.
They are not standalone as they Image_ images_messages_5f91c470135b77e247a8819e_4a2ff0a0784b9874d04ca24de8254445_RackMultipart201902259743913kf-064f8883-aba1-44c3-8ffb-bcf908919343-344772101.JPG1551082302

Valued Contributor
Hi Edumund,

It's not possible to create separate AP or WLAN groups in Unleashed.  I'd recommend you migrate to either Zone Director or Ruckus Cloud to get the additional functionality you require.

Here's a list of Unleashed limitations, compared to ZD functionality:
  • No layer 3 roaming. All APs must be in the same subnet.

  • Tunneled WLANs are not supported.
  • IPv6 is not supported.
  • No interface to communicate with SmartCell Insight, SPoT, or the ZoneDirector Remote Control mobile app.
  • No North Bound Interface to pass client authentication responsibility to an external entity.
  • No WLAN Groups or AP Groups.
I hope that helps,

Alright Darrel, thank you very much for your information! Then i will have to either wait for new firmware version or switch to ZoneDirector. 🙂