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Ruckus R510 connection refused after factory reset

New Contributor III


I have a couple of APs that have come back from an installation and after a factory reset (pushing the button), I have no way of connecting to a configuration interface (neither HTTP, HTTPS nor SSH). I see connection refused in the browser and in PuTTY.

However, I can see

- the AP get an address from the DHCP server

- I can ping the device

- I can associate clients to the Configure.Me SSID

- without DHCP server I can ping

- running a portscan the ports 53/tcp, 1883/tcp and 18301/tcp are open

- running wireshark on the ethernet port of the AP, I can see LLDP packets displaying that "R510 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP/SW Version" is installed

does anyone have a clue what else I could try?

kind regards


New Contributor III


Have you tried factory resetting them again? 

I'd try this in an isolated network without DHCP and internet access then try to reach them on the default IP address. 

Kind regards,

New Contributor

Any updates on this I’m having the same issue, it’s becoming really annoying