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Ruckus R500 with firmware connect to VsZ with version

New Contributor III
Dear All Master,

we have problem with our AP Indoor, we have Ruckus R500 with firmware connect to VsZ with version, in now cannot register to VsZ, anyone can help me to solve this problem.

Fahrizal Z

RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Fahrizal,

I do not see the SSH tunnel establishing with the controller. Check the below details:

1. Does the controller has enough AP license?
2. Ping between the AP and the controller.
3. AP and Zone country code. ("get countrycode" is the command from the AP CLI)
4. If the above is fine, try disabling the AP cert check from the controller CLI. Probably the AP has older certificate.

ruckus# config
ruckus(config)# no ap-cert-check
ruckus(config)# exit