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Ruckus 7363 cannot get DHCP lease

New Contributor II
Bought a Ruckus 7363 for use as a standalone WAP. I can connect to the 7363 via wireless, but the unit does not connect to my LAN. It is plugged into a WatchGuard hardware firewall with IP address The firewall is also my DHCP server. There is a server on the network with IP address (that is also the DNS server address). Do I need to change the default internet configuration on the 7363? I checked the DHCP leases on the hardware firewall and the 7363's MAC address was not listed, so I assume it has no lease. Thanks.

I'm curious to see what happens in a different LAN. I agree with Keith that this looks like something outside the AP, even a DHCP running out of leases or IP addresses could cause this problem.
So if you can, see if you have access to a different LAN somewhere (home/work/neighbor/lab/friend/school) that has DHCP as well, and see if you experience the same symptoms. At least that will give a hint if it is the AP or the network.

Good luck and keep us posted.

New Contributor II
I found the problem. The Ethernet ports on the WatchGuard firewall are enabled/disabled on the unit's configuration page. When the firewall was installed, the unused ports were disabled. I switched the 7363 to another port and it worked fine. Sorry to waste your time on this. I had to get an IT guy to configure the firewall, and the thing has been a bit of a mystery to me. I found the disabled ports by checking the WatchGuard configuration files.

Valued Contributor II
I love a great mystery! (when it's over...) 🙂