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Roaming not working on one out of 20 AP

New Contributor
We recently had a new wireless system Ruckus install by our I.T specialist using Zone Director - Radius authentication for roaming around the premised of all the 15x R610 AP.  One of the AP fail to roam, causing WIFI signal lost completed to the device such as mobile phone or Windows laptop.

Our I.T provider still looking into this matter as they cannot see what wrong with it.
We ourself don't have access to the controller and AP's setting.  We can only physically see the light status been the same as other, like power, CTL, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

Can anyone offer an advise or experience similar issue.  So that we can past this information to the I.T provider to check.


New Contributor II
Sorry can't help except to see that we see roaming issues on our site and cant figure out why.

Slightly off topic but can you share what you're using for Radius authentication w/ the R610s?

Valued Contributor
If you cannot access the ZD then troubleshooting is entirely in hands of your "IT specialist".

vague possibilities:
15 identical devices provisioned identically from ZD but one playing up then hardware fault comes to mind.
15 APs placed in  specific WLAN group except one plays up - make sure it really is in correct group and not accidentally omitted.
AP specific configuration can override the WLAN group settings, remove error AP, reset to default and then re-provision into group so that it picks up intended settings.

Without more info purely speculative.
Without access to ZD you cannot troubleshoot or remedy.

New Contributor III
In a recent install of 25 R610's, we had one develop a strange symptom where it would kick off all clients every few minutes.  100% reproducible with multiple types of device.   Every few minutes the 2.4 and 5 GHz lights go from green to orange and back again.   It  appears to be a hardware failure.  Interestingly, the issue seems to disappear when the AP is placed in a horizontal orientation.   So wondering if something is physically coming loose in the device.     A factory reset of the device didn't change the behavior.  Hopefully this is a 1-off problem and not a sign of a manufacturing problem.

RMA Is on the way, so hopefully this will resolve.  

In your case, it's important that someone contact ruckus support to allow them to troubleshoot the issue with you.

New Contributor
Hi All,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestion, great forum.  The issue is now rectify, it's was due to the ethernet cable was wrongly patch into another location switch.  After we manage to trace it's down.  As our switch is POE, we able to tag it's AP policy, the AP is now online and WIFI accessible like the rest of the other AP's we have around the building.