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Add a new ZD with a operating WLAN

New Contributor
Hi guys, I have 4 ZD3050 v9.8.3.0 build 14 with 150 APs eacrh, the APs are zf7xxx model. I want to add an aditional ZD3050 but v10. and AP models R610 R310 etc, if I apply the same configurations of de WLAN's, Will APs on this controller Works in the same way that APs on other 4 controllers?

Valued Contributor II

i got a plan for you...and why you need this plan is that... your configuration works just ok for ZF7XXX models however new AP's work and is supported on different version of firmware..

Get ZD3050 as usual, if it is on different version then either upgrade or downgrade to build 14.... load the backup from other controller to this so that new controller gets config you want..
Once this part is done then start upgrading the controller to the version v10. as per process mentioned in release notes & upgrade path...

once this part is done then connect your new AP's to it...
We r done... you new network is up with configuration you want with new model AP''s

Best of luck