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Roaming between SSID (in Cisco WLC) to another SSID (in SZ)

New Contributor

Hi , Does the roaming between SSID configured in Cisco WLC to another SSID configured in Ruckus SZ keep the session running without any disconnection observed by client ?? or there will be quick de-association/ association process has to run ??


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Majedfivd,


Client has to go with disassociation on cisco and associate to the Ruckus AP as new client and go complete authentication process as per the method used for the SSID.

To achieve seamless roaming , Please use the RUCKUS AP's and enable the fast roaming on the WLAN configuration. 

We don't recommend multivendor AP arrangement as it might cause to report the adjacent AP as rogue AP and client might disconnect.


Sunil Acharya


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @majedfivb 

Roaming between the multivendor APs (Connected to 2 different controller) causes the client to leave the current AP and connect to new AP, even tough the SSID is same. This causes the AP\Controller to consider the client is left\disconnected from it, since the client is switching between the 2 different network creating a entirely new session.

Even the same behavior is expected if the same vendor AP is connected to the 2 different controller\cluster of the same vendor.

Seamless roaming has to be done on the same vendor APs connected to the single cluster\controller.