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Recommended/Stabel software for R500

New Contributor II
Does anyone have a recommendation for what software version to use in a controller based enviroment on R500 access-points?
In our test enviroment we are running Software Version:: for our Ruckus R500 Access Points. Any surgestions?

Valued Contributor II
i think you meant recommended software version on Ruckus Vscg powered cloud controller for R500. correct?
Because Software Version:: is of Ruckus vSCG

New Contributor II
I am running a vSZ - Virtual Smart Zone Controller (Image:vscg- and this controller will controll/power many R500 access-points, and I wonder if there is a recommended software version to put on the controller for the R500 access-points? 

Valued Contributor
Hello, for my experience all firmware versions work fine for cSZ, by far the most important is vSZ configuration (allowed channels, scanning mode, allowed rates) -- it may be crucial to get compatibility with real wi-fi client mix. We worked with all firmaware versions bundled with vSZ releases from 3.0 to 3.2, and there was no problems with firmware at all. Hope it helps...

New Contributor II
Thanks for your reply and advice!