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R730 negotiating 100M no matter what I do

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I've got a brand new batch of about 20 R730 APs. They're all connected to Cisco 2960X PoE+ Switchgear. 

I don't know if I have a power issue or LLDP issue. but all of them running any version of the firmware with or without a controller etc. 

They all are negotiating 100Mb max and I can't even set the speed to 100 through the CMD. 


Perhaps pull the easiest / most accessible AP down and test all cables, keystones, and patches. if the cables/keystones are all punched down correctly, then I would bench your R730, and see if the problem re-appears when it's not at the end of the cable run. Ruckus has been known to run bad batches of APs (ZF7982 V1 board for example).

You could also flip that order, pull down the AP and test it off the drop, just the AP a patch cable, and switch to see if it continues to negotiate at 100m.

That's where I was headed as well, we're going to do that as well as a uPoE enabled injector once we're done with that cause I'm suspect of the power requirements still too. 

I would suggest doing all the troubleshooting with just one R730.

1- Plug the R730 to the same port and same cable used for another AP which is already working on 1000/Full.
2- Power up AP using POE injector or power adapter and connect directly with a laptop (please verify the cable by connecting your laptop directly to the same switch port for 1000/Full).
3- If it is even failing with a verified 4 pair cable and using POE injector and power adapter, please take a fresh capture and open a support case with this information.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer
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Hi Ray, in the end how you solve the problem ?