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R710 unleashed group. Do not connect new AP.

New Contributor III
I have a working group of four R710.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f1135b77e2478f3f39_cf98c56b2d3da341973caf0481631984_RackMultipart20181018681301r0k-70b1ccb6-addd-48af-b03d-63ce7d56a101-270817841.png1539872891
But attempts to add new access points to the group are unsuccessful. New devices are updated to the latest firmware version, but are only visible in the section Admin & Service -> Administer -> Upgrade.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f1135b77e2478f3f39_a948c7a12ca7f378cef28e61dbcefb37_RackMultipart201810181276801gh-09d955ef-6592-4411-bbbc-b1a99c506c54-1376000081.png1539873403
I can connect to new AP only via SSH, since via HTTP (S) I only see one page.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f1135b77e2478f3f39_81d10ca9c6e5915942c413ca84e58cff_RackMultipart20181018116937nh9-0461dd6a-b47d-484a-a3bc-a12577059475-1749252419.png1539873874

After outputting the debug information to the syslog server, I get a recurring group of messages for the new point:
 Oct 18 14:46:10 wsgclient[540]: registration:692 Failed to init socket! ret:125 url:https://RuckusController/wsg/ap  
Oct 18 14:46:10 wsgclient[540]: communicatorInit:331 Init connection failed, ret:125, connectRetry:1395  
Oct 18 14:46:10 wsgclient[540]: cmrInit:141 Call 'crDefSocketInit()' failed, ip: port:443, ret:125/CR initial socket failed  
Oct 18 14:46:10 wsgclient[540]: crResloveAddrInfo:152 getaddrinfo failed, ret:-2/Name or service not known

I ask the club for help solving this riddle.

New Contributor II
Hi Mikhail,
Can you send the result of "get boarddata" in the previous non-joined AP CLI? I will check if these APs country code is fixed.  

Hi Ken.

Yes, please:

kscli: get boarddata
name:     R710
magic:    35333131
cksum:    9aa
rev:      5.4
Serial#:  9918........
Customer ID: 4bss
Model:    R710
V54 Board Type: GD50
V54 Board Class: QCA_ARM
Random#:  3737 3436 3430 3462 3461 6630 3235 6561
symimgs:  yes
ethport:  2
V54 MAC Address Pool:  yes, size 16, base 44:1E:98:39:80:00
major:    2564
minor:    1
pciId:    0000
wlan0:    yes 44:1E:98:39:80:08
wlan1:    yes 44:1E:98:39:80:0C
eth0:     yes 44:1E:98:39:80:03
eth1:     yes 44:1E:98:39:80:04
eth2:      -  44:1E:98:39:80:05
eth3:      -  44:1E:98:39:80:06
eth4:      -  44:1E:98:39:80:07
eth5:      -  00:00:00:00:00:00
uart0:    yes
sysled:   no, gpio 0
sysled2:  no, gpio 0
sysled3:  no, gpio 0
sysled4:  no, gpio 0
Fixed Ctry Code:  yes
Antenna Info:  yes, value 0x00006D6C
usb installed:  yes
Local Bus:  disabled
factory:  yes, gpio 8
serclk:   internal
cpufreq:  calculated 0 Hz
sysfreq:  calculated 0 Hz
memcap:   disabled
watchdg:  enabled

Thanks! Get it. The root cause as you have found from the logs is the country code mismatched between Master AP with the new joining AP.
If these AP's country code is not fixed, AP can be setting to other Country code and join successfully.
But these non-join APs' boardata is "Fixed Ctry Code:  yes" and the default country code is US. AP can not be configured to other country code and rejected by Master AP due to countrycode mismatch. So you may need to check it with your reseller.