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how to flash stand alone to ruckus unleashed

New Contributor
now that there is no show ap info option in the unleashed version how do we flash the stand alone 
this article is not longer valid

Esteemed Contributor II
What is your question?  How to turn a Standalone AP to Unleashed, or how to convert an Unleashed AP to Standalone?

A Standalone code AP, has admin login of "super" password "sp-admin", to see Configuration menu options.

From Maintenance::Upgrade, click Local method, and point to a copy of Unleashed code for your model of AP.
(that you downloaded from Support in advance).

I tried that says user name and password is wrong

Look for the indented Factory Default button, and hold it in for 8 seconds before release.That will reset it to Factory Default mode, where Ruckus admin account is "super/sp-admin".
If you can't login with super/sp-admin after a factory default, you don't appear to have a Ruckusofficial AP, possibly from an OEM who resells our product with their own proprietary admin login.
Where did you get your AP?