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R710 ZD Managed corrupt firmware? (can't connect with ssh or http(s)

New Contributor III

I've bought an 2nd hand Ruckus R710, which I cannot access.
I've reset it multiple times with the reset button on the back.
After reset the pwr led goes from red to solid green.
At that point I can ping it on but there is not webinterface on port 80 or 443.
Trying to ssh to it I only get an connection refused message.

I can see that it broadcasts the wireless network island-xxxx
But I can't connect to it. I've tried the following passwords:


Is the firmware corrupted? is there anything else I can do to connect to it?
I guess my next step is to contact the original owner to see if he/she can do an RMA?

I want to run this with standalone unleashed.

Thanks, in advance,

Hi John,

We strongly recommend to buy our products only from authorized Ruckus resellers and partners.

Buying from unauthorized third party platforms is risky and even if someone got lucky with the purchase, there will be no support available for any complaint made, for such devices.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer

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Is this the same AP you came here about 3 months ago? Oh man, I wonder if buyer protection still applies. 

Contributor III
John, get your money back. Waste no time in submitting a claim. 

New Contributor II
Thanks Andrew, I will try.  Tempted by the good deal, I have had good luck on other things, but I understand there is risk.  A new one for $800-900 is too much for home, but $275 was something I felt comfortable with.  Hope Ebay gets it back for me.  Now I have to try and convince myself to spend more or bo with a new Ubiquiti AP.

Ebay is really good at buyers protection. I got all money back from my faulty R710. The seller didn't even respond, but they still gave me all money back including import fees to Europe etc. Bought another used R710 which is working great.