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All APs on our campus showing Disconnected on the ZD and there is now WIFI

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Hello All,

We lost all of the APs on our school campus and there is no wifi, all the APs' LEDs behave the same, PWR and CTL/DIR LEDs are blinking green slowly.

APs are not reachable via ping, and on the ZoneDirector they are all showing Disconnected.

The DHCP server is working well because I unplugged an AP from a switch where it was connected and I was able to get an IP address using a PC on the right VLAN 48.

I couldn't find the reason for this happening until I physically reset an AP and it reassociated itself with the controller and start emitting wifi like a charm. I did this stupid solution for almost 30 AP and they are all the same working fine after the reset, there are still 100 AP, and I found it tedious to continue like this. is there any solution how to reset a disconnected, non-pingable AP? knowing that on the switches I can see some of them as neighbors with the default AP address and some are not showing as LLDP/CDP neighbors even the PWR and CTL are blinking slowly green.

I hope I had explained the issue correctly and please if you had the same experience or you know how to get the rest of the AP connected to the ZD I will be thankful.

Thanks in advance. 


Community Admin
Community Admin


Power LED flashing green means AP lost IP address and looking for a new IP address.

By any chance you or any other admin made some changes on ZD's AP management VLAN settings?

If AP management VLAN is enabled, same VLAN should be tagged on all the switch ports where APs are connected and should be able to reach controller. If without readying switches if you enable the AP management VLAN, AP to network connection will be lost.

If your APs are impacted due to this, try to configure the correct VLAN on SW and tag it on the SW port. See if AP gets an IP and can communicate with the switch.

Syamantak Omer
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