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R710 ZD Managed corrupt firmware? (can't connect with ssh or http(s)

New Contributor III

I've bought an 2nd hand Ruckus R710, which I cannot access.
I've reset it multiple times with the reset button on the back.
After reset the pwr led goes from red to solid green.
At that point I can ping it on but there is not webinterface on port 80 or 443.
Trying to ssh to it I only get an connection refused message.

I can see that it broadcasts the wireless network island-xxxx
But I can't connect to it. I've tried the following passwords:


Is the firmware corrupted? is there anything else I can do to connect to it?
I guess my next step is to contact the original owner to see if he/she can do an RMA?

I want to run this with standalone unleashed.

Thanks, in advance,

Contributor III
Rough one. I would get your money back before that 'door closes'. Sounds like the AP you've got is bricked. if HTTP and https are down and SSH refuses the connection, I would spend no more time with it.

New Contributor II
Same problem for me. I see the WiFi "Configure.Mexxx" but no luck, phone app says I am connected to the Wifi but hit the Start button and it fails with a message that says Unable to fetch default configuration from the AP.

Did someone brick this?  Can I install the Standalone firmware or a new Unleashed version from the USB on the R710 or is the only want to upgrade to use the CLI or the web administration on the R710 to upgrade the firmware?

Somebody update us on a solution, if any.



Issue already discussed under another thread

Seems and RMA.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

RMA will not work, no support contract.  I purchased this thru Ebay, looks like it was originally sold by ECS COMPUTERS (HK) LIMITED but not sure how the guy on Ebay got it.  So, no luck.  I might have just lost $$$