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R710 ZD Managed corrupt firmware? (can't connect with ssh or http(s)

New Contributor III

I've bought an 2nd hand Ruckus R710, which I cannot access.
I've reset it multiple times with the reset button on the back.
After reset the pwr led goes from red to solid green.
At that point I can ping it on but there is not webinterface on port 80 or 443.
Trying to ssh to it I only get an connection refused message.

I can see that it broadcasts the wireless network island-xxxx
But I can't connect to it. I've tried the following passwords:


Is the firmware corrupted? is there anything else I can do to connect to it?
I guess my next step is to contact the original owner to see if he/she can do an RMA?

I want to run this with standalone unleashed.

Thanks, in advance,

Contributor III
UBNT is a fine choice for a Home AP. For me, my Ruckus APs are a source of pride. I have implemented UBNT, Cisco / Meraki / Mist, and Fortinet Wireless solutions. Although Ruckus units (and their various holding companies) aren't without their quirks, I feel they're best in class.

New Contributor III


So for reference. I got my money back (ebay buyers protection). I manged to "fix" the AP by flashing a new firmware. I flashed the firmware by connecting to the onboard spi pins, using minicom, I could login and flash the firmware from tftp.

So this was solveable without RMA

Best Regards J

do you have any instructions on how to do that , is it easy to open the R710 ?


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Easy enough I would say. You need some knowledge basic understanding and knowledge in electronics and computers.

It is not recommended.

Opening Ruckus equipment shell will void the warranty and support!

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI