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R710 AP image for vSZ carrier

New Contributor
Where to download or get the AP image for R710 to be recognize by vSZ carrier?

That's the version that should come installed on your R710 in fact. 
If you haven't yet connected your R710 to a controller, can you tell me what version you have/had originally Randy?
If you SSH into your AP's IP address, use (super / sp-admin) login credentials,
and run the 'get version' command.
I hope you might find the 'set scg ip a.b.c.d' etc, from the first KBA to be what you need/needed?

This base image won't join the VSZ.  "set scg" command is not even available.Image_ images_messages_5f91c467135b77e247a64100_2544e5ac22ba6d7fbb4ab46ed65ef85f_RackMultipart20170906686381rpr-3de54279-f5e1-48c5-91c4-d503d625ce48-1569642306.PNG1504714767

New Contributor
Thank you all for the replies.  I already found out that there is an option in GUI to enter the controller IP address instead of doing the conventional way of set scg ip wherein the command is not working anymore on the new FW.

Valued Contributor
hi Randy,
correct as of the new 100.x.x.x base image we use "set director ""

kind regards

Also ensure you enable the discovery agent on the AP CLI:
set discovery-agent enable
Note: This is down to sometimes when you flash the AP with the Base 100 image that the discovery agent is disabled and the AP will not join the SCG.

Also you'll want to ensure that the lwapp2scg is enabled on the SCG too or the AP with base 100 image wont join:
policy accept-all
Good luck