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R710 AP image for vSZ carrier

New Contributor
Where to download or get the AP image for R710 to be recognize by vSZ carrier?

So your not affected by this bug:
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The R310 has the opposite requirement

We have approx 30,000 AP's in our estate, and ovbviously due to these numbers, we are bound to come across some errors every now and again.

The only reason I mentioned the above bug as certain AP's are having this issue in the RX10 range, so it may be applicable to the R710.


No, im actually not affected. But i may also be running a different version of the 104.x code. At the moment im not home to test due to the storm, but when i get back will test.

Esteemed Contributor II
Above issue ONLY affected H510 model APs on initial (H510 only) firmware. 
The (GA) release of Solo/Standalone for all AP models has the fix incorporated.

This above statement is incorrect as we have seen the issue on certain AP's that came from a certain batch from production.

I cannot remember the serial numbers, but we have this confirmed by Ruckus themselves.

The main issue was that it was not calling out to the IP address configured when you issued the set scg ip command and it was stalling at the Ruckus cloud element.

The fix was as per my orginal statement.