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R710 AP image for vSZ carrier

New Contributor
Where to download or get the AP image for R710 to be recognize by vSZ carrier?

Contributor II
You could do a tcp trace and find out if any of those ports is being blocked somewhere..

Contributor III
check in the logs of the AP:
get syslog log
if you see the following:
Jul 27 14:50:19 Ruckus AP hub_registrar: OCSP: 'unknown' on - withhold query
Then the AP is calling to the Ruckus cloud.

To fix you need flash the AP with Base 104 code, factory reset and then issue:
set scg ip X.X.X.X
set discovery-agent enable
Good luck

Esteemed Contributor II

All Unleashed and Solo/Standalone AP code APs will check with the Ruckus AP Registrar (APR)
in the Cloud, upon boot up, to see if the AP has been assigned a controller, either by the Cloud WiFi
customers, or large MSPs who use an API to register/assign controllers to many APs at a time.

Searching our bug database, I find only one, ZF-8498: ZD [cloud discovery] OCSP will
hold activity if AP can't reach the registrar server (resolved in 9.8 GA).  The bug said an AP reboot
would resolve the issue (if the AP had Internet access).

AP’s log:

May 23 18:33:11 RuckusAP hub_registrar: OCSP: 'unknown' on - hold activity 

As RD said it will hold activity for one day. Now not sure after one day if the OCSP will be activity or not.

Workaround: reboot the AP.

Verified in build, it is fixed.The AP will send out query every 5 minutes in one hour when the AP can reach the server.

May 30 03:09:25 7055 hub_registrar: OCSP: 'unknown' on - withhold query                 
cat: can't open '/tmp/ocsp-check': No such file or directory                                                                        
May 30 03:15:17 7055 hub_registrar: OCSP: 'unknown' on - withhold query

I do like your two 'set' commands, which should be enabled by default however, if running 104 Solo AP code...

There are certain AP's we have received that have this issue: R310, R510 etc.

There are other issues where you have to enable or disable the lwapp2scg command on the SZ dependant on which AP model you are trying to get to be accepted on to the network - as you can imagine it gets pretty frustrating having to do the workarounds of flashing the AP to remove corrupt code or altering  the lwapp2scg command on the SZ.

Sean, I have successfully deployed, every single AP model currently supported with Ruckus (Indoor models) successfully on a SmartZone running 3.4.1 and .2 and 3.5.1 without the need to do anything other than enabling lwap2scg scripts.  This is true for both, 100.x and 104.x code as well as 9.8 and newer and 3.x code.  

Only when using the 200.x (Unleashed) code, do I have to upgrade the AP to 104 or similar.  All others work automatically without a single failure yet.